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Our AR APP is more than just an educational game. Learning is no longer restricted in classrooms or 2D graphics. Our AR technology offers you an ultramodern learning experience, which will bring you both fun and knowledge. Can't believe it? See how real players think about our APP.


users think that the APP could achieve their language learning goal

users think the APP helps  improve their Chinese skills more efficiently

users think the APP

makes Chinese language more interesting to them

users think the APP makes learning process more interesting

users think the APP helps to plan their Chinese learning task in out-of-school setting

users think that the APP could monitor their learning progress at each learning stage

users think the APP is a good complementary resource for them to improve Chinese learning

users think the APP

provides a diversified learning experience for them to learn Chinese language

(based on 1st and 2nd batch data collection findings)


thumbs up.png

"I like how fun and interactive it is."

non-Chinese speaking student A

thumbs up.png

"It's very easy to understand."

non-Chinese speaking student B

thumbs up.png

"Easy to follow and fun to play because of the graphics. "

non-Chinese speaking student C

thumbs up.png

"Something different and fun, rather than a typical Chinese classroom lecture."

non-Chinese speaking student D

thumbs up.png

"I had so much fun playing and I think this app attract every ages to play and learn together.
I hope to play again."

non-Chinese speaking student E

thumbs up.png

" I believe that this app may be able to help improve my overall Chinese."

non-Chinese speaking student F

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