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  • How do I report a problem with a word, sentence or translation?"
    Contact us at . We'll get back to get as soon as possible.
  • How do I report a bug?
    Contact us at to tell us. We'll get back to get as soon as possible.
  • Others
    If you are passionate about the APP and find something can be improved during playing, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact us at for any suggestion or enquiry about the APP.
  • Where can I download the APP?
    The APP is launched on iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Simply search with "Canton Master" and download it for free :)
  • I don't want to participate in the Research. Can I still use the APP?
    Absolutely! We'd be more than happy if you could recommend the APP to everybody you know.
  • Is the APP free of charge?
    You can play all the AR game and learn Cantonese on the APP completely for free. The project team will keep updating language topics and you can use it simply with your mobile or tablet. No catch and get started!
  • Do I need the internet to use the APP?
    Yes and no! You will need to be connected to the internet to download the APP on App Store or Play Store. Playing the AR games and accessing the vocab bank does not require network connection. You can look words up from the vocab bank anytime, anywhere.
  • I am a non-Chinese primary student. Can I participate in the Research?
    Unfortunately, currently we are only accepting full-aged (aged 18 or above) participants for the Research. Still, you are welcome to download our APP and try out all the games.
  • I'm 18 but I haven't recevied tertiary education yet. Can I participate in the Research?
    Sure! Though tertiary education expereience is prefered, you're welcomed to participate in the Research.
  • I have signed up/ completed some tests already, but I wish to quit the Research due to personal reasons. Can I quit anyways?"
    Yes. You have the right to withdraw from the Research anytime without any negative consequences. Still, we would be grateful if you could complete all steps in the Research.
  • I didn't do well in the tests. I don't want anyone to know my results.
    No worries. No one excepts the research team would know your results. Plus, we don't have your personal details. No one could recognise your results.
  • Others
    You are welcomed to contact us at for further enquiries about the research.
  • What are LIVES Events?
    LIVES Events are workshops or webinars hosted by our project team in a relaxed environment. With those events, learners can gather to share their experience, enquire any problem related to the APP and the research. Our team members will also introduce more details about the LIVES project.
  • Who can attend a LIVES Event?
    Our LIVES Events are open to anyone. No matter you are the APP user or not, we welcome you to sign up to view upcoming events.
  • How to join a LIVES Event?
    To find out about events, please visit EVENTS on the website. If you can't find an event, check back soon. New events will be added once scheduled. You are also welcome to contact us at for further enquire about the Events.

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