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The Research

We intend to establish an educational project to help the tertiary non-Chinese speaking (NCS) group to acquire an appropriate level of vocational Chinese for their daily lives and future employment. We will use Augmented Reality (AR) technology as a tool to improve individuals’ social interaction and encourage their engagement through narrative games, leading to better outcomes for learners of Chinese language. In the long term, it will enhance individuals’ ability to compete in the labor market and promote their social status, subjective well-being and even social stability.



From September 2020 to August 2022




1. Low or non-native Cantonese proficiency; 

2. Aged 18+; and

3. Received/ receiving post-secondary education


Signup period

January 2021 to April 2022


1. Sign up (button on the right). We'll contact you via email. 

2. Complete the pre-test and pre-questionnaire.

(Each takes 5-10 minutes to complete)

3. Try out the APP! No rush. You'll have weeks to play the games. 

4. Complete the post-test and post-questionnaire.

(Again each takes you about 10 minutes)

5. That's it! You can keep the APP and play as much as you like. 


It takes approximately 3 months to go through all procedures.

Equipment needed

Smartphone with iOS 11.0 or above / Android 7.0 or above

NCS student



1. Attended our workshop;

2. Taught/ teaching Chinese language; or

3. Taught/ teaching NCS students

Signup period

March 2022 to July 2022


1. Attend our public workshop introducing the APP

2. Sign up after the workshop or click the button on the right. We'll contact you via email. 

3. You'll be invited to a 20-minute online/ face-to-face interview. We'd like to know your comments on our APP, regarding its effectiveness for NCS users to learn Chinese

4. We'd appreciate it if you could promote our APP to your friends, colleagues, and students! :)


We'll try our best to conduct the interview with you as soon as you sign up.

Equipment needed

A digital device with Zoom installed (if online interview is arranged)

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